Getting Started With Home Schooling For Location Independent Teenagers


Image by HckySo

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Eva Gill from Gill Adventures

As I began this journey of planning for living location independent as a family, I found many bloggers who had left a breadcrumb trail I’ve been able to follow. For many questions, this made answers magically appear with little effort on my part, and I am extremely grateful. One path that was not so clearly marked as I set off was choosing home school curriculum for our teenager…

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A Location Independent Beginner’s Guide To International Tax & Finances


Image by Bill Ruhsam

Editor’s Note: This post is the 2nd in the mini series from our international tax & finance whizz, Marion Harrington. The 1st post is here. In this post, Marion tackles some of the basic and most common questions about the subject of international financial planning…

What Is International Tax Planning?

To research and propose a completely legal and transparent structure where tax, both individual and corporate (if applicable) is minimised taking into consideration nationality, residency and domicile. It is *not* about attempting to evade taxes or hide your money away – but it is about leveraging your location independent lifestyle in a tax-beneficial way.

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CBeebies – Educational Fun For Location Independent Children

CBeebies Home PageThis is the first in a series of reviews of educational resources for location independent parents and their children. In this post I review the BBC’s CBeebies website. This is the UK site, rather than one of the international portals, as it seems to be the only one that offers a full range of resources. And I’ve got a secret weapon in this review: my daughter has been using the site since she was three (she’s now seven) and I’ve had a close view of how she’s used the site and what she has found interesting.

The Interface

When you visit the CBeebies site, there’s a menu across the top that allows you to explore options such as playing games, listening to songs, watching videos, hearing stories and making and colouring things. As you hover over each option, it says what it is, so children who are not yet reading can still use the site successfully. The homepage is brightly coloured and will appeal to a wide age range. Activities on the site relate to the programmes shown on the excellent UK television channel. Most content can be watched through the built in online player, though there may still be some requiring RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.

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Our Journey Part 5: Being Flexible, Making Mistakes & Going Back


Photo of Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

Since our last update almost a month ago, we’ve had an interesting time here in Thailand!

Our place in Phuket was ideal for a couple but not so ideal for a couple plus young baby. It was a large (60 sqm) studio apartment with the bedroom area tucked away at one end. We thought it would be ok – but it wasn’t. Although it was brand new, modern and trendy it was actually pretty uncomfortable and stuck up a massively steep hill.

Plus we thought we didn’t like the fact that we basically had to have a car there, deciding that we weren’t cavalier (stupid?) enough to risk our lives on a moped – yes, that’d be all 3 of us on the one moped with only the driver wearing a helmet, as is the custom here in Thailand. So all in all we weren’t too sold on the idea of staying there in Phuket for 3 months and decided to head to Chiang Mai – a place where everybody raves about.

We soon found out that sometimes however, it’s better the devil you know…

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