Socialization and the Home-Educated Child

Home Ed socialization

Image by Amy Palko

Possibly one of the most frequent questions I get asked about my choice to educate my children from home is the socialization question: What about your children’s interaction with others?  Aren’t they deprived of friends and social contact?  Don’t you find that they get lonely?

While I don’t want to appear boastful, my kids are extremely articulate, well-adjusted, and really very sociable indeed. They don’t come across as children who are deprived of social contact whatsoever! Consequently it’s a question that throws me every time, because it’s often asked after the enquirer has met my children, had a conversation with them, and commented on how well- spoken they are.

The assumption is that a child’s socialization occurs entirely within school-hours and that, by removing your child from the system, their socialization will somehow be stunted. Even when presented with evidence of the contrary through conversation with socially competent home-educated children, this perception remains virtually unshakeable…

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Inspiration & Social Proof: An Interview With New Parent, Gary Vee

Congratulations on your baby girl, Misha – she’s gorgeous! We’d love to know whether you’ve found it as challenging as we have, being both an entrepreneur and a new father. How did you manage to “crush it” as well as cope with the demands of a newborn/young baby?

Thanks so much, it’s been an incredible experience! It’s not easy to find the right balance and I’m willing to admit that I haven’t been perfect. With the book, Vaynermedia starting up, Cork’d relaunching, Cinderella Wine and Gourmet Library all happening over the past 6 months or so I’ve been running around a bit more than I should so I’m trying to get better with that…

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Our Journey Part 4: 4 Weeks On The Road & Lessons Learned So Far

Nomadic Baby in Thailand

Image: Mali & I on location at the beach in Thailand

Wow, I can’t believe we’ve already been on the road again for 4 weeks…last time I wrote about the countdown to leaving our home and what we did to prepare and already I’m writing a post about what we’ve learned so far. I guess most of you will know already that that’s what happens with children & babies…not only do they learn constantly but so do you!!

So here’s a bit of an update about where we are now (both physically & mentally) and some thoughts about what we’ve learned since being location independent & nomadic with a young baby….
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Social Media For Location Independent Parents – Which Networks Should I Use?

Social media

Image by birgerking

The online world can be a lifeline for location independent parents. That’s how you can keep in touch with friends and family and keep your business going. But that same online world can be a real time-sink, eating up countless hours which you could use more profitably elsewhere. As a location independent professional, you will depend on social media to keep your business going, but you don’t want it to take over your life.

To get started with social media, decide which networks are most important to you. This may depend on your actual business model and who you are trying to reach. I rely on three principal networks through which I funnel most of my social interactions online – two of these are mainly professional and one mainly personal. Let’s start with the personal one first – Facebook. With tens of millions of users worldwide, no professional can ignore it…

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