Join The 12 Week Challenge To Become Location Independent

Jonathan and I frequently talk about the people in our community who email us, comment here, chat in the clubhouse or message us on Facebook. The focus of our conversations is often the topic of what gets people stuck on their journey to location independence.

There are numerous things which people struggle with but one of the most common hurdles is generating a location independent income and setting up a location independent business.

We’ve tried a few things to help with this, including the Business Guide, the Freedom Roundtable and private consulting – but all of those things cost money and are therefore not available to everyone. We wanted to do something which is free, leverages our/your time as much as possible and which will help people take massive action and make massive progress towards their goal of location independence.

These conversations, in conjunction with others we have about where we want to be and what we want to achieve (especially Jonathan), have all resulted in this…the 12 Week Challenge.

In a nutshell, it’s a 12 week “program” which is free to join. The aim of the game is to help you make massive progress towards becoming location independent by getting everything in place you need for a location independent business. It starts on Monday, 5th April.

Each week for 12 weeks, we’ll post a task which you’ll complete with the help of the tips & resources we’ll be suggesting (look out for some pretty cool tips from people at the top of their game). At the end of each week, we’ll round-up your progress (if you tell us about it) here on the blog. We’ll be encouraging lots of cross-participation, community support and hoping to get you all commenting, cross-promoting and more on each others’ sites and projects so everyone who joins will benefit from this community effort to make massive progress on an individual level.

The details are here but if you’d like to take part, let us know here in the comments or in the Clubhouse so we can feature you on the site when it starts and help you along the way. So if you’ve been struggling to become location independent, why not join us on the 12 Week Challenge and make MASSIVE progress on your own journey?