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The Best Baby Travel Equipment For Location Independent Parents?

We travel with less than 40kgs between the three of us. And that includes our handluggage too. Ok so it’s nearer 50kg if you include the baby car seat but for the 3 of us for 3+ months (or an indefinite) period of time, that sort of adheres to the “no stuff” mentality which I […]

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Our Journey Part 4: 4 Weeks On The Road & Lessons Learned So Far

Image: Mali & I on location at the beach in Thailand
Wow, I can’t believe we’ve already been on the road again for 4 weeks…last time I wrote about the countdown to leaving our home and what we did to prepare and already I’m writing a post about what we’ve learned so far. I guess most of […]

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Packing For A Nomadic Lifestyle With Baby In Tow: Experiments With Baby Travel Equipment

Image by Yukon White Light
Our approach to “stuff” has radically changed since being location independent – and we applied that same mentality to having a baby. We were about the only couple at the Parenting Classes who hadn’t stuffed our house full with every baby gadget known to man.
In fact we didn’t buy a baby […]

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