5 Ways Location Indpendent Parents Are Using Evernote To Simplify Their Lives

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Post by Russ Reynolds

If you have done much extensive traveling, especially with family, then you have probably experienced the frustration that goes with keeping the vast amount of information and paperwork, that you might need to have access to at any given moment, organized.

Although there are a plethora of tools available to help keep you organized and preserve your sanity, one tool stands head and shoulders above the rest for location independent parents.

This tool is called Evernote and you can get started with it for free.

Evernote is a software application ‘in the clouds’ (online) that can store images, scanned paperwork and more.

The real power of Evernote is in the way it can be adapted for your personal situation. Check out these five ways Evernote can work for you as a location independent parent:

1. Easily Store And Retrieve Travel Plans

It stands to reason that if you are traveling you will be continually researching  a variety of locations, activities, prices and more. With a few clicks you can clip whole web pages and upload them to Evernote.

When it’s needed, a quick search will pull up all the information you spent time collecting regarding wonderful destinations or fun-filled activities.

Evernote also makes a great repository for all of your travel documents as well, including travel itineries, boarding passes, train tickets, baggage tags and more.

2. Create A Storage Map

The bulk of our worldly possessions are in a storage facility in Ontario, Canada. Although we choose to travel light, we have found that there are some things in storage that we need access to.

Luckily, we had the forsight to take inventory of what was in each box and create a map of where each box/piece of furniture is located in the storage unit.

When it is time to head back to the storage unit we simply open Evernote, search ‘family photos’ and immediately know not only which box they are in but where that box is physically located in our storage unit.

3. Get Ubiquitous Access To Mission Critical Documents

When traveling extensively, especially with children, one of the big fears is losing your passport, travel visas, insurance policies or other critical documents.

Scanning and uploading these documents to Evernote will give you peace of mind.

It’s true that copies of these documents are not always accepted but having copies available online is better than nothing in the event that you lose them or they are stolen.

Even better, Evernote is available on almost any smart phone so you can produce a virtual copy on the spot anywhere you can get cell phone or internet access.

4. Create A Virtual Love Drawer

I first heard the idea of a ‘love drawer’ from Dave Ramsey (the get out of debt guru). Dave’s idea was to create a drawer in your dresser that contained access to everything your spouse or kids would need in the event that something happened to you.

This drawer would have instructions to access bank accounts, life insurance policies, storage boxes, wills and anything else that might be needed in the event of a tragedy.

As great an idea as this is, it is difficult to have a ‘drawer’ on the road. Again, Evernote saves the day; allowing you to accmomplish all of this and more with a virtual love drawer.

Simply scan and upload all of the documents above. You could also upload a document that gives physical locations of the important documents.

Since my business is completely online, I have a document in my virtual love drawer that outlines the sites my wife may need to access (think Paypal) along with their logins and passwords. My daughter’s god parents have access to my love drawer in case of emergency -all they need is the web location and password. The peace of mind is priceless.

5. Instantly Access Your Family’s Memories

Of course the best part of traveling with family is the memories you create. Why not create a virtual scrapbook of your traveling as you go along?

Evernote allows you to create different ‘notebooks’ that contain information on a similar topic.

We have created a different notebook for each place we visit along with pictures, copies of event tickets and brochures, notes and more. It’s great to be able to make a couple of mouse clicks and get instant access to the many wonderful memories we created in Los Cabos Mexico during the 6 months we spent there.

One of the really cool features it has is character recognition software. This makes any text in your documents and images completely searchable.

For example, let’s say you snap a picture, with your iphone, of a great bottle of wine you are enjoying in a restaurant. You can ‘tag’ the image with the word ‘wine’ or whatever else you like.

Later when you want to recall the wine you simply open Evernote and do a search for ‘wine’ or even any text that was on the label such as ‘Argentina’ and the image of the label will instantly appear.

Limited Only By Your Imagination

You can customize Evernote to suit your family’s needs; your imagination is the only real limit. It is like having a paper filing cabinet in the palm of your hand (via your smart phone) anywhere you can get access to the Internet.

If you are interested in learning more about Evernote check out their website. If you’ve used Evernote, share your ideas!

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