Mindful Parenting: A Useful Approach For Location Independent Parents


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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Emily Geizer.

Parenting is a job with a constantly changing job description. But if you understand your child’s perspective, your job suddenly gets a lot easier! This is a cornerstone of mindful parenting.

Mindful parenting requires us to deeply understand our child. By making choices that keep our kid’s perspective in mind, it is more likely that these choices will be in his best short and long term interests. This pertains to any parenting situation whether addressing a routine sibling conflict or a dramatic change, such as moving, location independence or schooling.

Study after study has shown that understanding your child’s perspective has a bigger, positive impact on your child than most other things you do. There are many other aspects to mindful parenting but understanding your child’s perspective may be the most nuanced and complicated…

This takes thought and consideration.

As with all significant relationships in your life, you must develop an ability to understand the other person in order for the relationship to thrive. This ability to step outside of your own viewpoint is a remarkable capability of the human mind. Use it!

I encourage you to start bringing your child’s perspective more and more into your own awareness. You can begin this every evening after your child is asleep. Reflect on the day from his perspective. Reflection is a cornerstone of mindful parenting. Below are some sample questions to help guide you:

  1. Were there ways that he/she felt like he/she contributed meaningfully to the family’s experience?
  2. Did he/she feel listened to attentively?
  3. What difficulties did he/she encounter?
  4. Did he/she experience positive outcomes?
  5. What did he/she do in his unstructured time?
  6. How are his/her relationships (friends and siblings)? Does he/she feel included and connected?

Reflecting in this way will lead to a greater awareness of your child. Every new discovery and realization can impact your parenting, yielding many unexpected benefits for you and your child. With practice and commitment, imagining your child’s perspective will become second nature and hopefully encompass all parts of the day.

Mindful parenting however is not a band-aid approach to parenting struggles. Rather it’s an entire parenting paradigm; one that offers tremendous value to your relationship with your child. My free e-course – A Crash Course in Mindful Parenting can help you parent mindfully. You can learn more about the course and sign-up for it here.

About the author: Emily Geizer writes useful parenting tips like this and more at, Child Perspective. You can read more about her free parenting e-course, A Crash Course in Mindful Parenting here.

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  1. Paul

    March 3, 2010 | 4:03 pm

    great suggestions. Thanks!


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